Hanging galvanized rolled galvanized and have what differentiation?

First from the equipment, electroplating has a fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual line, barrel plating and completely different plating equipment, barrel plating basic structure are both automatic and manual plating groove barrel, side by side two roller, the central place anode. And plating form is varied, have longmen posture, a climbing, fishing line, such as lift. Equipment is not the same as to meet different processing requirements, such as barrel plating processing of small parts, such as screw is small, but in many cases, as long as you can into the barrel and plating out without damage to the workpiece is basically to plug, so the palm castor is what often is fierce. Artifacts and artifact due to the barrel plating process, the workpiece and the roll barrel, barrel plating pieces have appearance is commonly wear away. Roll and commonly used acid zinc plating resistance characteristic bright cheap x, usually I watch a cylinder as turbid solution can plating out very light yellow artifacts, my heart can not help but want to say the true tm resistance to x. In general barrel plating salt spray time than hanging plating, because brightener easy inclusion within the coating.

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