Small make up a simple introduction plating nickel

Mainly used as protective decorative coating. Nickel coating for iron matrix, belong to Yin polarity coating. Its high porosity, so want to use as the underlying or use multilayer nickel plating copper plating layer. Deposition from the common nickel plating solution of nickel plating is not bright, but easy to polish. Use of certain brightener mirror bright nickel layer can be obtained. It is widely used in automobile, bicycle, watches and clocks, medical equipment, instruments and meters and hardware tools, etc. Part containing chloride sulfate, chloride solution, called "watt" nickel plating solution, the most widely used in the production.

Through electrochemical role in ferrous or non-ferrous metal deposits a layer of nickel on the surface of fabrication methods. Can be used as surface coating, but it is mainly used for chromium plating, prevent corrosion, increased wear resistance, gloss, and beautiful. Widely used in machinery, instruments, meters, medical equipment, household appliances and other manufacturing industries. Will make cathode parts, high pure nickel plate, hang in with nickel sulfate, sodium chloride and boric acid as the electrolyte, the plating. If join in the plating solution sodium naphthalene disulfonic acid, saccharin, coumarin, p-toluene sulfanilamide brightener, can direct access to bright nickel plating without polishing.

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